After the Fire (Gout)

Posted: November 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hi, well I’m back at it again……work I mean.

So, the gout has subsided for the time being and left me financially teetering before Black Friday……the amount of emails connected to this horrible form of capitalism is quite amazing……to the point of (maybe) unsubscribing to some of my favourite bands emails.

The brick trowel is certainly cutting through the crisp morning air of South Yorkshire, plus cutting the dangler of a drip from the end of my reddish nose, happens maybe 2 – 3 times a day, swashbuckler me hey.

The van, yes the van decides to start playing up too, certainly not gout but the dpf, not the pdf’s I’m used to getting, but the diesel particle filter, which filters nasty particles from entering the atmosphere (I thought that’s what the catalytic converter did) has clogged up (on board computer telling me). Circa £600 is the repair bill in waiting if I can’t get it done cheaper anywhere else……..give me gout now please

A quick update this was, enjoy your Sunday.


53 and good for glue

Posted: November 5, 2017 in Uncategorized


…duction, yes I’m 53, but am I good for glue?

UK, the North, late Autumn…..I’m sat here feeling pretty well bloody pissed off with myself. I have gout in my big left toe and it is very painful, no, I don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me because it is self inflicted of course.

This is not the first time, this is the fourth time. “blame the beer” one said, “you need to change your diet” another…….I know I know, I will I will.

Will I? I will definitely give it a go but my main concern is have I left it too late to make a difference. Gout will not go away forever and neither will my back problems (another story, later) but again, I will give it a go.

Background, I am male and have a construction and education past. In 1980 I started work in the coal mines of South Yorkshire before moving into general construction after the Miner’s Strike of 1984-85. In 1993 construction took me to Germany and the following 16 years to Holland, Austria and Denmark respectively. In 2010, I moved into education in Denmark until in 2014 I returned to the UK to support my parents who were negotiating the awful disease that is dementia (we still are)……now here in November 2017 I am back in construction, self-employed and sick.

Up until this sickness I have tried to maintain my fitness (for my back mainly) by visiting the gym regularly (3 times per week). This has been quite difficult due to having to work weekends and longer hours throughout the week (before the clocks went back) and general fatigue. Yes, I do like a drink to relax on an evening with my partner, nothing too hefty mind, just a couple of beers/whiskies etc. (not both together).

Last weekend, I finally got around to taking my partner out for that Saturday lunchtime jaunt (I worked until lunchtime), where we visited an excellent pub/restaurant out in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the Peak District. We loved it, quality time together outside “these 4 walls” and excellent food to boot. Later that evening, we both were in an excellent mood and decided to listen to some tunes and have more alcohol…….my mistake, GOUT attack.

So, after this small intro to my blog, what do you think, am I good for glue at 53? or is there a silver lining to this life of ups and downs and relentless pain? believe me I am normally a very positive person…….give me a break please 😉